Like A Queen: Dark Bloom Feels for Fall

Eyeshadow with the tones of crushes, dusky rose petals and a matte lip, teamed with a dark floral top: Perfect Autumn dressing. The eyeshadow palette is a great one called Colour Queen from DB Cosmetics, and has a range of fun shades, and the lip colour is from Colourpop, of course.

Look at these insanely pretty shades!!

My SIL in Australia sent me this palette in a gift bag of some things, and I’m really obsessed with it. It’s called the Colour Queen Palette from DB Cosmetics, which I think is an Australian brand. It’s one of those drug store type brands that teens tend to go for because they’re fun and affordable, so I was expecting to have fun with this, but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. The palette has 20 shades, and they remind me of the circus or the kinds of colours that Esmerelda wears in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, which is a really odd colour reference I guess. I took a look and they ship internationally, if you’re interested. Click HERE, this palette is currently on sale for $7.50 AUD.

The lip colour is one of Colourpop’s Lippie Stix, which are a really nice range of lip colours. It’s a matte shade called After Shock, a classic pink. I like how these are shaped like pens, kind of. They’re very easy to throw on as you leave the house or reapply, and the shade range is really nice too. If I didn’t already own a BUNCH of lip colours, I’d but more from this range. Click HERE, $7 USD.

Grim is never impressed with having his picture taken! ha ha!

I’m wearing Calvin Klein jeans in a light, caramel sort of colour corduroy. I love these. So comfortable. I can’t remember where I got this top from last year, but it’s really soft and I love layering it. Layering is life at this time of year.

Do you like Autumn dressing? People kept asking me this year what my favourite season is, and I couldn’t say. I really like them all. (When I was in the UK I really hated Winter though, lol) Do you have a favourite season?

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