OOTD: Happiest Collection Sweater.

I look happy, right?

I’m obsessed with this cute sweater that my friend sent me from her store The Happiest Collection. It’s about 12c as I write this, but I’m warm and cozy. In case you don’t know this Canadian brand, it’s a range of womens, mens and childrens tees, tops and more that all feature different mottos for your “happiest”. Perhaps you’re happiest while reading, happiest with pizza, happiest outdoors… All the items are really cute and soft, and come in a range of colours and styles. I’m Happiest With Horses.

This is my pal Rose, who I rode in my riding lesson this week at the stable. Being around horses is always exciting. They’re very empathetic animals and a lot of fun to spend time with, whether you’re riding or not. Rose is a more challenging ride for me, and I always learn so much each week. And one of the nice things about horses is that there’s always more to know. Of course, pony cuddles are pretty great too.

I know I’m Kelly’s friend, but I really do recommend this brand. The quality and fit are really nice, and it’s always great to support a small business. But I also think that right now, it’s really important to focus on the things that we love, that make us happy and that speak to our individuality. I know that being able to ride and be around horses really makes me happy and has kept me feeling positive and grounded with everything that’s going on in the world.

Check out The Happiest Collection and I’d also love to hear what makes you happiest, so let me know in the comments.

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