Winter MOTD: Colour Queen Palette, Again.

I was playing around with this palette, which I know I’ve talked to you all about before. This time around, I was bored and staying home, so I went nuts with the Estate Cosmetics pearl highlighter. I went all over with it, and tried to create a ghostly look, with the blue shades from the Colour Queen DB Cosmetics, and when a look is this pale, a bold lip colour, with blue tones.

I know it’s really cold, but our flat is quite warm without the heat on in Fall and Winter, so I tend to wear sleeveless things and layer them in the early part of the season. This tank top is from Old Navy and is a swing shape. It’s cute and I like the print, but I think the cut isn’t super flattering.

I played around with filters on this one to try to create a spooky, ghost story season mood, just for fun. A friend of mine in Instagram pointed out that I look like an 80’s album cover. I’m not mad about that. ha ha!

Pumpkin spice lattes, sugar cookies with fall animals and autumn leaves. It’s a great time of year for a walk.

Blue eyeshadow can be a hard thing to get right. I wasn’t trying too hard or being too careful, but I think it was fun. I went with a light, shimmer blue-grey, with a shade called Mermaid on the crease to the outer corner. It’s a greeny blue that I really like. Then a darker blue, a medium blue really, on the outer corner. I think with blue eyeshadow, start with light blue greys and build it, rather than starting too bold. But it is a really fun colour to play with. It goes well with reds and fuschia’s that have a blue tone, but stay clear of purple lipsticks with this look. It’s a shade too far.

What I Used:

  • Colour Queen Palette from DB Cosmetics $14.99 AUD, HERE.
  • Estate Cosmetics highlighter in shade Pearl, $10 USD HERE.
  • Lips Colourpop Maleficent creme lipstick, this one is out of stock, but it’s a nice fuschia, bold but very wearble. Mac Lipglass in Lovechild, which is great because it’s not sticky. It’s a soft, not glittery, shimmer with purple tones.

Do you love or hate blue eyeshadows? Do you have a favourite? Blue eye shadow often makes me think of how popular blue eyeliner and mascara was in the 80’s.

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