Craft Project: Cross Stitch Christmas Decorations

Kits from un-started to complete.

I love making craft projects, and with everything going on this year, staying home and making things has been an upside. It’s satisfying to create things and something with repetitive movements like sewing has a very soothing quality. I started these cute kits around Halloween time so that I’d have a few of them done when I was putting up the Christmas tree, and I’m really happy with how they turned out. And of course, this year, handmade things also make great personal gifts and don’t cost the earth.

Small cross stitch kits are really satisfying because they come together quickly. And these ones look so bright and cheerful. I picked them up on eBay, which is a great place to get craft kits that you want to try out with out a massive outlay. The sellers mother had these kits in storage since the 90’s when she retired and closed down her craft store. I feel like using an old kit feels a bit like upcycling and you’re also helping out an individual who is running a small business. These are Needlemagic Stitch n Hang kits and they were fun for me because I’d never used the plastic type of aida cloth, which was a little different to work with.

My tree complete with Muffy Vanderbear angel. Why not?

I am on my last of these kits, but I do have some other embroidery and felt decorations kits to try out. I’ll be watching Christmas movies while I make these, and some friends might get one as a gift too. Are you a crafter? What do you make and do you have any little tips and tricks? I’d love to know.

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