Retro Winter Cozy Look

The days are shorter and Christmas is on the horizon. Around this time of year, I like a little bit of glitter or sparkle because it feels festive, and I also want to wear cozy things but still feel like I got dressed. I guess that that’s been a bit of a theme this year, on the whole. These cute pants from Old Navy look retro but are cut for comfort. I’m probably going to have to get them in different colours.

This knit sweater has a cute sleeve, it’s slightly ballooned, and it has a silver glitter thread running through it. It’s from H&M but it’s old stock, so I can’t like it. But this kind of thing is usually in store around this time of year anyway. Like a lot of H&M wear, it’s not super soft, but it’s warm and I really like the soft, buttery colour.

Beauty Notes:

I was feeling shiny, so I went with a gold eyeshadow look. Pale shimmer gold all over the lid, and a caramel shade in the crease. To go with it, I used the Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter $32 usd HERE in shade Sparkling Sass, which is a gold with peachy undertones. I feel like this is a nice highlighter that you can be heavy handed with. And of course, their packaging is insanely pretty.

I also pulled out a new lip gloss that I hadn’t used yet that came in a subscription box. It’s from Real Her, a makeup brand that has positive messages as the shade names, which is really cute. This shade is Be Limitless, which is only available in a lip kit at the moment, but generally their lip glosses are HERE and are about $21. This brand was new to me, and I like their positive aesthetic. I felt like this gloss was pretty and comfortable. I thought the colour would be more rosy because you can see above that the colour in the tube looks strong, but comes out a little more sheer. I like it, but it’s like an old school gloss and is kind of sticky.

Style Notes:

It’s Christmas earring season. These ones are Disney and I really like that they’re mismatched. They’re not too loud or too heavy either, which is nice. The pants, as I said, are from Old Navy, and come in a few kinds of plaid. I’m wearing the pink plaid, and you can take a look HERE. I’m happy with these and will probably be wearing them a lot.

What are you finding cozy but still cute to wear this Winter season?

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