Hair Care: OGX Biotin & Collagen Influenster Box

Influenster sent me a fun box of hair care to try out, and so I thought I’d do a quick blog about it. This range of haircare from OGX Beauty includes the Extra Volume Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Argan Oil Shine Mist and Multi Benefit Hairspray. This was all sent to me for free to try out, so it wasn’t something that I purchased.

I love trying out new haircare but I find that my hair is a little bit finicky because of dyeing my hair and because it’s curly. It doesn’t love every product. This range is meant to be for all hair types, but I think that it’s better for straight to wavy, rather than the really curly types.

These products all smell nice. The Shampoo and Conditioner are not scented very strongly or with anything very floral or fruity, which I think would have been a bit more fun. My hair felt nice and clean after using the shampoo. It washed out all the product that was in my hair. The conditioner was nice but didn’t leave my hair super moisturised, which is something I usually prefer.

These products are all reinforced with ingredients to strengthen hair and stop breakage. I think this is something that with Winter coming is important and that also, with the recent stress that I think I can safely say we’ve all been under, hair loss and breakage can be a problem. I have heard a few people really notice a difference in the strength of their hair after using these, and I noticed a difference after using it too. It does help.

This isn’t a great photo of me, but you can see that before my hair is even completely dry, it’s fluffy, flyaway and the curl isn’t very defined. It did feel fairly healthy and very soft though. The shine spray didn’t work for me at all, because of my curls. And the hair spray was good. It has hold, a nice scent, and lasted, though for my it didn’t fight frizz at all. It’s not really meant to fight frizz, but it is meant to be for use on curly hair and to stop flyaways, which obviously is a huge thing for curly girls like me.

So, because of this, I got a friend of mine with a different hair type to try these out, and she LOVED them. She has thick, dyed, more straight with a slight wave, and her hair was lush and healthy with body. Also, she is a huge fan of the shine spray, which I have to say, you could really see on her hair and it looked great. I’d say this is a good range of products and is great for a wide range of people, just not curls. OGX does have a well loved range of products just for curly hair though.

If you want to learn more, take a look at OGX site HERE , these products retail from $8.99 to $12 each, and you can find them at Shoppers Drug Mart or London Drugs. Thanks OGX Beauty and Influenster for sending me these fun products to try out and review.

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