MOTD: I Tried Out Marilyn Monroe’s Favorite Lipstick (from Beseme Cosmetics)

I woke up with a good hair day today and a good mood. The Winter sun is shining outside and it’s a nice, peaceful day here. I put on some music, made coffee and got dressed, feeling like wearing something fun, even though I wasn’t going out. And the best thing, when you’re in a good or a bad mood, is the perfect red lipstick. Enter Beseme with their Red Hot Red from 1959, the exact shade that was Marilyn Monroe’s signature shade.

If you don’t know Beseme, they’re a California makeup brand that specialises in Vintage makeup. They recreate shades and types of makeup that were used in the 20s right through to the 70’s. The style of the packaging is perfect and made like it used to be. They have beautiful brushes, pressed powders and cake mascara and eyeliner. They’ve actually worked with Hollywood quite a lot to get movie makeup that’s true to the era. They also have some divine collaborations with Disney.

To get the colours and shades just right, they’ve done their research and even sourced vintage makeup to get the shade perfect. That’s why the lipsticks and makeup have a year on them. And that brings us to 1959. Red Hot Red.

I’m obsessed with this. It’s a fire engine, yellow under-toned red and it’s just right. It feels bold and fun, but it also feels lush. My lips are soft and it lasts beautifully. Who cares if no one sees me? I feel like a million bucks. ha ha!

I also have my eye on shades American Beauty, Victory Red, Dusty Rose, Cherry Red…..

Shop The Look.

  • Beseme Red Hot Red 1959 Lipstick $31 CAD HERE.
  • Leopard Print Cardi from Old Navy
  • Earrings from Hudsons Bay
  • Dior Pump n Brow in shade Chestnut $34 HERE, I like this better than the brow powder I was using. It’s pretty easy to use, though I’m still learning the best way to use it.
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder $51 HERE. If you’re going for a vintage or old fashioned look, or if you’re taking photos, a loose powder over makeup is a wonderful thing. This loose powder gives a lovely matt, smooth but vibrant look.

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