Warm Winter Walk

Just a quick one for you this week, my friends. This week has kept me busy with writing and some other projects, and because of that, I didn’t take any outfit pics or try out any new products that I wanted to share with you. I do have a fun idea for my next post though, but this week I thought I’d share a little local colour instead.

In case you don’t recognise this place, it’s in the city I live, Vancouver. It’s been a really bright Winter this year. This time last year, we had had snow but this time around, we haven’t yet, though it is forecast. I love the snow, but it was nice to head out for an afternoon walk the other day by the ocean and get some Winter sun. It looks like Summer, doesn’t it? It was about 5c, but it really didn’t feel all that cold. (I mean, I had a down filled coat on, but you know what I mean)

I love this vine covered hotel. I’ve heard that it’s one of the oldest buildings in the city

So, this is what the weather has been like a lot lately, and I think it’s great because with everything going on with Covid, people can take a walk and get some bright sun some days, and some exercise, even though we can’t go out to restaurants and things. I think being stuck inside and it being really gloomy would have really been hard for some people, you know? I think if we got no snow, it just wouldn’t feel like we had a real Winter this year though, and to remedy that, there’s snow on the weather forecast for tomorrow.

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