Sew Crafty…. Homemade Felt Decorations

Every year in November, I get excited about the Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Crafts magazine coming out. This was the third year that I bought it, and while it’s kind of Christmas themed on the cover, it also has Halloween crafts for about the first quarter of it. The thing is, for some projects, if you just change the fabrics or colors, it can be for any time of the year.

These cookies and the deer are made from felt. They’re a fairly simple project, which I really like because it’s really satisfying to be able to finish them relatively quickly. When I’m trying something new, I like to start small or I can get a bit daunted. I had to learn a few new skills to make them, like a new embroidery stitch for the face of the deer and how to do beading. I’m happy with how they turned out. Below, you can see how the magazine versions looked. They are a little neater than mine. lol.

I’m finding craft projects really relaxing during Winter and with Covid and things. And I like that the magazine explains things well. It’s a cool craft magazine because it has felt decorations like these, but also painted signs, large stuffed figures, air dry clay and wood projects, embroidery. The next project I’m making comes from one of these magazines, but I’ve changed it slightly so it’s not really Christmassy looking. Though, I guess if I’m making Christmas things now, I have a real jump on gifts for this year! ha ha!

The next thing I’m making is a different felt deer pattern from a different issue, and then a coffee cup inspired one, and I also have plans to do some of the embroidery patterns, because I’m feeling brave after learning that new stitch above. I bought a bunch of craft supplies in the Black Friday sales last year, so I’m all set. It’s lovely to make these things while you cozy up with a movie, audiobook or podcast.

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