Snow Day! A Wintry Walk

All Winter, I kept waiting for snow. I felt like we hadn’t really had Winter and I wasn’t ready for it to be Spring yet, because no snow. All the suburbs around me had had snow, bit at my place, snow drops and daffodils were blooming! We had rain and lovely cozy Wintry days, but I don’t know. I just wasn’t ready to let go of Winter yet.

And then, Valentine’s Day weekend, we had a lovely snow fall. It just lasted the two days, but it was enough time to head to Stanley Park and go for a walk, all bundled up. It was funny, with everyone working from home, there were a few people around, but it was still peaceful and crisp. There was ice on the lake and even some icicles on the trees in some places. But mostly snow, snow snow. I feel like I can accept Spring now.

As you can see, the flowers and plants are all thinking it’s Spring!

Other than the walk in the snowy woods, I also did some embroidery, with a cold, snow theme of course. I haven’t done this kind of thing in years, but it’s really fun and relaxing. I had to learn some new stitches, which is always kind of fun and challenging. These I’ll probably make into little hanging things and gift them to friends. The thread is soft white, but has a metallic thread running through it, so in person it has a really vibrant look.

I really love Vancouver in all weather, but snow here is lovely. It doesn’t really get too heavy and doesn’t stop you from doing things, which is nice. Are you someone who loves snow, or a Summer person? I really love all the distinct seasons here.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day! A Wintry Walk

  1. Snow person here. I like it more now that we are retired and don’t have to drive in it. Watching it fall outside my window with a cup of hot cocoa is perfect. I also like to walk in fresh or falling snow and have to make a snow angel.

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