Spring Time: Balcony Gardening

From snow last week to warmer days and even bright sunshine. For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend bought me two little rose bushes. They’re both mini roses, one is rich red and the other this beautiful pink. Roses are my all time favorite flower, but I don’t have the best luck with them. They’re slightly finicky and we tend to have a lot of aphids around. But I have high hopes.

The mini roses that you buy in the store generally don’t do well indoors. They sell them around Valentine’s, advertised as indoor plants but they often die not long after flowering. The thing to know about them is that they’re actually more than one baby plant in the pots. So, once you’re ready to re-pot them, you need to gently separate them into different pots. As you can see below, from two tiny pots of roses, I had 7 plants! I let them have a little time to recover from shock after their repot, and now all 7 live outside on my balcony. To discourage aphids naturally, I’ve placed foil under the plants, cinnamon on the soil and garlic too. Any of these three are meant to discourage the awful rose-vampires, but since they don’t hurt the rose plants, I went with all three! Ha ha!

I also started an “easy grow” daisy seeds kit and a cat grass kit for Grimm. (My cat. The grass is really good for their digestive system as they shed their winter fur coats) The grass is a lot of fun because it’s sprouted almost overnight. Spring feels like it’s come quite early this year, and it’s exciting getting the balcony garden going. I started feeding the plants this week too, to stimulate growth.

Have you started your garden yet? Or have any balcony gardening tips and tricks? Or rose growing tips? I’d love to hear them.

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