MOTD: Eye Makeup Stencils and Eyelash Serum

I was planning on doing a more elaborate post this week, as opposed to this more casual one, but that’s lockdown for you. lol. Last week was super quiet and kind of rainy. I read books, I hung out at home but I didn’t do anything major. But I did try out some new beauty things, which is fun. Namely, a lash serum that came in a subscription box and some eyeliner and eyeshadow sticker templates that a friend gave me a while ago.

Yes, I am wearing a retro My Little Pony tee. There’s a lot of negativity around lately, and this tee made me smile. As you know, I love horses and when I was small, I was obsessed with My Little Pony. So, this is my new happy tee shirt.

Eyeshadow and eyeliner templates, which you can see in the picture below, are a soft sticker that you stick on your eyelid while applying makeup. They help you to get the shape that you want without mess. It’s a fun idea. I was excited to try them, but a little skeptical perhaps. The sticky side on these is not super strong, which is actually a really good thing. I found them hard to line up and get in the right place. You have to get them in the same place on both sides or your eyes wont match. This one comes in different shapes. So you can have traditional or smokey eyeshadow shapes, or fish tail, cat eye or elegant eyeliner. It was really fun playing with these. I went with the Lilac You A Lot palette from Colourpop because their shades are really true so I could get a lot of colour and see what I was doing. (It also matches my shirt) I don’t know if I really recommend these as a product because they sometimes sort of move if you accidentally blink and they’re fiddly to get in place, but I did really like the idea of them and I liked how they created a clean line. I used Stila eyeliner pen, which I really like, but I think I need a new one. Mine was a little dry. I’ll definitely play around with these stickers some more when I’m not in a rush and can try different things.

The other product I tried this week is this Sky’s The Limit Lash Serum from Manna Kadar. I thought this was kind of a weird idea and wasn’t sure that it would do anything. It goes on clear too, so, you know, skeptical. And yet! I’ve been using it for I think a week or two and my lashes are stronger and more full looking. When you wear mascara a lot (or false lashes) you can get weaker eyelashes and they tend to look thinner. So this is meant to help strengthen lashes and stop them breaking or falling out. I can’t say that my lashes look as full as in the picture on the box there, but they are feeling healthy and less fall out. I put mine on at night with my evening moisturiser but you can use it under mascara or even on brows if you’re growing them out. I’m happy with this and I think I’ll keep using it. It’s $19 USD, so not one that breaks the bank. (Take a look HERE)

That’s me this week. I’m doing well, watching my balcony garden start to sprout and wake up after Winter. Have you tried any interesting new products lately? Or any of these products? I love hearing what you think. Comment below.

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