Collaboration: Founders Original Cocktails

The lovely people at Founders Original got in touch with me recently and asked me if I wanted to try out their range of canned cocktails and, if I liked them, share them with you guys. I mean, I said yes. I love supporting Canadian and … well, I do love cocktails.

I don’t actually take myself this seriously….

I was really happy with these. The general rule is that drinks that come in cans are cheap, full of sugar and not very classy. But these are bar quality cocktails that you can take home with you. They taste really good because there’s no preservatives and real ingredients, not flavourings and chemicals. The can designs are really nice, kind of Victoriana with things that match the drink. And when you pour them in a glass, they look and taste like you made them yourself.


Founders were kind enough to send me a few of these, so plenty to try. I have the Blackberry Gin Bramble, Grapefruit Tequila Paloma, Seville Orange Bourbon Sour, Rye & Thai Ginger Ale. The Gin Bramble was my favourite, my boyfriend really liked the Bourbon Sour, but I did really like them all. I’m a convert and Ill be keeping an eye out for these at my local liquor store. I think they’re so tasty and convenient, and I love the quality. I also really like supporting Canadian.

We’ve been sipping these with flamingo swizzle sticks on our balcony as the days grow warmer and sunnier. Have you tried these yet?

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