The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

Hannah thinks her marriage is perfect, until one day her husband disappears, leaving only a note saying “protect her”. The “her” in the note is his teenage daughter, who hasn’t quite accepted Hannah as her new parent. To find out why he left, the two have to work together to find out what Owen was hiding all these years.

Because Owen worked for a tech company that’s being investigated for fraud and embezzling, the FBI is also on the trail. It ups the stakes as we wonder, is there any way that Hannah’s husband could be innocent? How well do we know the ones we love?

This is a really nice Summer read. It doesn’t fall into a lot of the traps of domestic thrillers. It has flashbacks, but not every second chapter is flashback. It doesn’t get flabby and dull around the middle. And the ending isn’t obvious. It’s definitely one of the better ones of the genre, although, I do feel that the ending is… satisfying but a little too unlikely. (A character agrees to something and the problem is solved, just like that)

I really liked seeing where the book was heading. I felt like there were a nice number of red herrings and little twists. I also thought that it was really nice to see the way that Hannah approaches her relationship with a grieving and confused teenage step-daughter. She was a really likable lead character with a good backstory of her own. And it was nice to see them have to start helping each other to find answers.

The Last Thing He Told Me has an intriguing premise, like a lot of domestic thrillers do, and I really like that Laura Dave delivers. It’s a good read for genre fans and I enjoyed it.

Read It If: you’ve ever wondered if you really know the ones you love? Domestic thriller fans should find this one really pleasing.

Thank you Simon and Schuster Canada for the ARC of this book for review.

The Last Thing He Told Me is out now.

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