New Cat Collars From Kitty Direct

I feel lucky to have a cat who loves to wear collars. He has a few at this point, and ok, yes, I like to change them up for the seasons sometimes. What can I say, Grim is a feline fashionista. ha ha! Almost all of the collars I get for Grim are from Kitty Direct, and these three new ones are from them. Sonia makes them herself and always has a great range of colours and styles, and I love them.

Why do I buy them again and again…

  • They’re all handmade, with attention to detail, and are super sturdy.
  • But also soft and comfortable for little cat necks.
  • They come in different sizes, and are adjustable for a good fit.
  • They all have a tiny charm and a removeable bell option
  • The clip are safety release ones, which is super important to avoid choking (a lot of cat collars don’t have this)
  • Purchases go towards donations to cat charities
  • They range from £6 to £9 and ship internationally.

Kitty Direct has two sites, so they’re easy to find and to purchase from. Either their website HERE or their Etsy HERE. They’re also on Instagram, which is fun because you can see a lot of the colours and styles as well as owner maker Sonia’s four lovely cats.

I’m really happy with these three new ones. I think the tartan is so cozy and festive, I know Grim will wear it all through December. The bright yellow feels right for the hot Summer days we’re having lately, and these gingham collars come in quite a large range of colours. Also, I love magical themed collars for Grim, after all, he’s kind of the Salem to my Sabrina… So the teal blue one with gold moons and little stars is purrfect. It comes in a bunch of gorgeous colours, it was really hard to choose one. And I think the fancy moon charm is so cute. I love these. I highly recommend this brand of collar because they’re so beautiful, comfortable for your cat, and last beautifully even if your cat is a bit rough and tumble. I’m a big fan.

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