Extraordinary Women In History by Leah Gail

I guess the title of the book tells you it all. This book is a slim volume of broad bios of women who have done remarkable things. The women chosen for inclusion are really interesting. There’s some of the ones you would expect, like Florence Nightingale or Marie Curie, but there’s plenty of women from the ancient and medieval world as well, and from different walks of life and nationalities. The book is broken into sections about different achievements, like athletes, innovators, military, activism and more.

There were quite a few women in this book that I had never heard of, which was really cool. I had never heard of Bessie Coleman, for example, who was the first African American and Native American female civil aviator. The book has women from all over the world and from anywhere from 400BC to our modern world. It made me feel inspired by all the barriers these women broke through and it also was a great starting off point for me to learn more deeply about some of the people in this book who really intrigued me.

Leah Gail’s background is in music marketing, where she soon noticed that there were certain barriers for women in that industry. She started to work with mentoring women to help them break through and reach their potential. This book is part of her desire to inspire and encourage women to dream big. (She also has another book called Learn To Love Yourself)

The book is a self published effort, and it does have a slightly idiosyncratic sentence structure. But I think it’s a nice book to dip into and read a few pages of for a little inspiration boost over a cup of coffee in the morning. It’s nice to bring these ladies, some of whom have been neglected by history books, brought to the forefront.

Read It If: this is another book that would make a good gift. An inspiring read.

Thank you to the author for the copy of this book for review.

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