The Night School: Moonlight, Magic and the Mysteries of Being Human by Maia Toll

Subtitled “lessons in Moonlight, Magic and the Mysteries of Being Human”, this book is set up as little short lessons that make up a course of nightly reading. There’s a fictional teacher who addresses you and takes you through subjects like dreams, the moon and it’s pull on us, divination and other things. It’s beautifully bound and illustrated, as you can see in the photos.

As soon as I saw the cover of this book, with it’s dreamlike zodiac symbols and constellations pilling across the cover, I knew I wanted to read it. I’m a night owl, a creative person, and one who loves the spooky and the spiritual. I really liked this book. It encourages you to slow down, breathe and listen to your more right brained thoughts and ideas. It’s one of those pretty books that’s a pleasure to read and dip into.

It covers a range of subjects. It has a playful, tongue in cheek attitude, while also getting across different philosophical or spiritual concepts. It feels like a book that’s a starting point, that you play with and that sparks ideas and imagination, which I like. If you know much about any of the subjects covered, then it’s going to be way to surface level for you, but it may inspire to you learn a little more about any of the subjects it includes. I liked it as a simple chapter-a-night, thought provoking read, since the ideas were fairly familiar to me.

Something I thought was fun about this book was that the author made an imaginary narrator for the book, and had a whole character for them in her mind. A kind of prim magical teacher, who I quite liked (even though she refers to the reader by the nickname “Firefly” which felt a little cheesey sometimes). The book itself is non-fiction though, and I felt like this made so much sense for a book that wants you to move out of your logic thinking and into your creative dreamer mindset.

I enjoyed this book. It’s a nice read and so pretty. It would make a great gift for the dreamer or night owl in your life, or for yourself if you want to explore the less logical side of your personality. It may not go deep enough into any of the subjects for those who have already been made familiar with them.

Read It If: you are the type of person who loves to stop and stare at the moon when it’s full or who finds peace in the quiet of night time. Beautifully bound and illustrated.

Thank you to HBG Canada for the copy of this book for review.

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