The Name Of The Star by Maureen Johnson


An interesting story about a teenage girl from America who moves to London to attend a boarding school. As she touches down, someone has started murdering in the same style as Jack the Ripper, and the first murder has occurred right near her new school. As the killings stack up, our heroine Rory starts to realise that she is might have seen the killer, but maybe no one else can… 

It’s a good story, with lots of action and little twists. Clearly a first novel in a series, it doesn’t close of all endings, and I found the killers identity and reasons at the end a little lacklustre, but as a whole the book works and is a fun companion to a rainy London afternoon. I liked the contrasts drawn between London life and what newcomers expect, the descriptions are evocative and the side characters are well drawn, however, for me it didn’t feel meaty enough for me to seek out its sequels. 

Read It If: should please it’s young adult audience or those who like a teen horror romance, though there are better ones out there. Entertaining enough. 

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