Houdini, the Bronte’s and Rose & Co Apothecary: British handmade bath and body care with Victorian appeal.


British handmade beauty and body products with an interesting history behind them…

Recently I was given a revelatory little product to try, which introduced me to this brand, which I have to share with you! I love a beautiful, vintage look to my beauty products, I’m a total sucker for gorgeous packaging. But the products from Rose & Co also really work! They smell divine, in scents like Cherry Pie and soften skin, hands, and make a bath a divine experience. And they’re also really affordable, most products are vegan or vegetarian friendly, and nothing is tested on animals. 

The Cherry Kiss lip balm is the cutest, in it’s little tin. It’s got a delicious scent and makes your kisses extra sweet, whilst keeping lips nice and soft, with a hint of colour. Top tip: the creators suggest using a little as a cheek tint like they used to in 50’s beauty routines.

One of Rose & Co’s best sellers, which was created not long after the shop was restored in 1987, is the Rose Petal Salve £3.99. It’s one of those wonder porducts that you can use for anything, from cracked heels to dry lips. It’s one of those brilliant things to keep in your handbag or desk drawer, cos it does it all, and it’s adorably pretty.

One of the more unusual and cool things that I found was this thing in a green and white, old school tin called Zam-Buk £4. It’s something really cool: “a household name in Victorian times, a pre-cursor to other first aid products such as Savlon or Germoline”. It had long since disappeared from stores, but Rose & Co bought the license and decided to remake it, which is brilliant because it was endorsed by non other than Harry Houdini! (he used it to soothe sore wrists and other ailments after his escape attempts, how cool is that??) The tin design is just like the original and the ingredients are as close as possible to what was used. Honestly, it’s an awesome product and it works!

Rose & Co also have lines of bath soaps shaped like cupcakes £5, which are adorable and make an excellent gift, mine is Cherry Pie scented. (It smells just like maraschino cherries, it’s delicious!) They have loads of rose scented bath and body creams, lotions, everything you need for a bath that smells like your favourite dessert or to make your skin as soft as rose petals.


The Story.

In 1987, Caroline and Patricia Rose bought a Victorian apothecary in Haworth, Yorkshire, and restored it. No. 84 Main Street was a working chemist when the famous Bronte sisters  lived there, those women who wrote some of my favourite books like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, which means they almost certanly shopped there. From there, they started to create their own range of hand made British products, and created a place full of Victorian charm, with antique fittings, period regalia and of course, their own products, as well as much more. 


They also have a Ladies Outfitters section, where you can pick up some vintage or retro style with brands like Stop Staring, Bettie Page, Tara Starlet and Vivien of Holloway, as well as accessories and their own lingerie, which is not available on their website. 

Find out more, or to purchase, click HERE.

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