Ghosts Of London: a walking tour through the alleys and by ways.


For those of us from the new world, the age of cities like London can be a little mind blowing. London, especially in the square mile, is full of little alleyways, court yards and tiny churches with cobblestones and beautiful old buildings. If you leave the broader streets, you’ll come across little restaurants, odd bars that only open for three hours a day mid week, and odd nooks and crannies. The idea that such a vast, old place could be filled with ghosts and hauntings is no surprise.

I guess the question of whether you believe in ghosts is kind of a divisive one, but as someone who loves horror movies, I love to try and feel or sense something in these old places. And it’s so fascinating to hear all the stories about the history and the mysterious things that people see and experience in these buildings and alleyways.

There are loads of different stories, and the best way to check them out is by heading out on a guided ghost walk. There are several different ones in London, but my personal favourite are the ones run by Richard Jones. (All photographs here were taken on his Alleyways tour)

Richard Jones in his natural element.

Richard has been running the tours for about 30 years, he’s written several books about the haunted places of London, which are really good. (My favourite is simply called “Haunted London”, it’s packed with stories, has all the places shown on a map, and has great pictures too) And he’s really friendly, he projects his voice so you can always hear him, and he’s got an amusing sense of humour. He does other walks around London too, including a Jack the Ripper tour and a Dickens walk. Check out his website HERE.


For more about ghosts and ghost stories, read HERE.

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