Empress Comic Series by Millar and Immonen, #4 out tomorrow!


Mark Millar might be familiar to you as the creator of comic books that made into innovative films, like Kick Ass and Wanted. It’s how I came across him as an adult reader of comics. (As I child I loved Caspar and Wendy, and Phantom, which was about all I could get my hands on). So maybe I’m not your average comic reader, I don’t know.

In this series, which is the new one from Millar, teamed with Immonen’s drawing abilities, Earth 65 million years younger, and occupied by an advanced civilisation that came way before us. Earth is ruled by a brutal despot, a man who is willing to kill on the slightest sign of rebellion or to make an example. His wife, The Empress, has to get away from him and take her children to keep them safe, with just her body guard, Dane, for help.

Her teenage daughter Aine is very reluctant to leave, she believes in their previous lives and their fathers ability to rule, and suspects her mother of being in love with her body guard, Dane. With them are her two younger brothers, one just a baby and the other a threat to their fathers rule and imbued with intelligence and kindness that their father would consider weak. And he tends to destroy anyone he sees as weak.

I love the clothes in this comic. I know, I know, it sounds really vacuous, but hey, this comic series looks really great. The design is really good. As they barrel along, barely escaping the clutches of the soldiers sent after them, as well as the many dangers of the planets they have to teleport to, there’s so much in the design that really creates the drama. I really liked the escapism of this series so far. It’s a really fast paced serial, with chases and escapes and intergallactic monsters. Great fun.

The next one, number 4, is out tomorrow, and let me tell you, if you’ve been reading along, the cliffhanger is really cool, and in this part, the game changes! I don’t want to tell you anything more, no spoilers from me! But I really like this series. And if you’re into sci fi or comics, I think you should check it out.

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