Out Today: Huck the new comic book from Mark Millar and Rafa Albuquerque


Huck is a different kind of comic book. It’s not about a traditional superhero, though Huck does have a gift that sets him apart.

Abandoned as a child, he picked up the habit at the orphanage of doing one good deed a day. And with his ability to find anything, and some other neat powers too, he’s a beloved member of his small town community. He’s a sweet, hulking blonde figure who works in a garage and sees to the heart of things, simply.

But when a new person in town gives him away to the press, he’s suddenly the centre of attention. And he also comes to the attention of the people that his mother escaped and hid him from all those years ago…


With the humour and social insight that is part of Millar’s charm, this story is rich and often funny, with a much more home town America feel than other comics. Huck is a gentle, innocent presence, wanting to change things and help in the face of skewed politics and social cues. He’s the part of us that wishes that they could help, that they could solve world problems by getting on with fixing them rather than talking.

I hear on the grape vine that this one may be getting a film adaptation, and if it does, I think it will be a really good film. The visuals and aesthetic in this series is really beautiful, and full of action and drama, and the plot moves nicely and is full of heart and feeling. It’s heartwarming and action packed. Wonderful.

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