The Wonderful Wise Owl Tea Review


There’s nothing quite like the afternoon quiet time, when you can reward yourself for the mornings work with a delicious cup of herbal tea, or curling up with a book and a pot of fragrant brew while the rain beats on your window pane.

I’m a huge tea fan, and like to try new varieties, but I think I’ve landed on a new favourite herbal tea brand. And I’m really excited about them because they’re a local start up!

A London based company, created by two friends who love to travel, Wise Owl have a range of herbal teas with gorgeous, fresh ingredients inspired by exotic locations, that also have some lovely health benefits. They’re made with all organic ingredients and each bag is a soft silken pyramid for full infusion. (They also do loose leaf)


My two favourites are the delicious Corsican Olive Leaf, made from olive leaves, apple and pineapple. Olive leaves have almost double the antioxidants than green tea, and the scent of this tea is natural, earthy and soft. The fruit scent is delicate, the whole is really comforting and nice.


The other is Okinawa Sunrise, a blend of bitter melon and peppermint inspired by the Land Of The Rising Sun, a perfect start to the day. The melon is subtle but definite, and lends a softness and fragrance to the peppermint. It’s a really refreshing and uplifting tea.


Starting at £3.75, the teas are all very affordable, and Wise Owl also have a great £10 per month subscription service. Can you imagine delicious tea coming through your letter box every  month instead of just bills?

If you want to find out more, see the rest of their delicious and varied range, or want to make a purchase, their website is HERE.


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