The Latest Korean Beauty Trend: Colour Change Jelly Lipstick With A Flower

I like to keep an eye on the beauty trends coming out of Korea, because so much of what starts there eds up flooding our dressing tables and beauty counters a few months later, and also because the products are often so cute. Although the big trend right now on all the blogs and Instagram are the face masks, which seem to do wonders, I find them really creepy, so I’m going to leave those alone. But this trend really caught my eye. 

This is the colour change jelly lip colour, with an actual flower caught in the lipstick itself. I can’t get over it, it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. And these are so cheap online, you wouldn’t believe!










These are pretty incredible! They come in a range of shades, but they go on clear and once on your lips, they change colour. As you can see in the top image, the colour is quite definite, I chose this one in a “rose” colour.

Aren’t they adorable?

In this image of me making silly faces, you get a better idea of the colour. I’m not sure about the other ones you can get, but I found this one softens your lips a bit, like a balm. Your lips tend to get a bit dry again, and re-applications darken up the colour on your lips, hence the drama of the colour in the first image. It can get quite red and plum-y in colour.


So my thoughts are this: if you have to keep applying it, it’s going to get annoying. You’ll have to switch to a lip balm, but since this cost next to nothing perhaps the others are better. And it wasn’t really a problem, in all honesty. Secondly, I kind of wonder what happens when you use loads of it up and get to the flower inside it?

Essentially, I think it’s a really fun thing to try out and to play around with, and it’s a nice alternative to wearing lipstick or tinted lip balms. The colour is quite good. I think it’s really cool with the colour change and the jelly texture, plus that cute flower… I’m hooked.

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7 thoughts on “The Latest Korean Beauty Trend: Colour Change Jelly Lipstick With A Flower

    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by. 😃 They’re really cute, aren’t they? I found a decent range of them online. This one was approximately £1 on EBay, so you certainly don’t have to pay much to try one.


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