Illumination Night by Alice Hoffman


When difficult teen Jody is sent to live with her grandmother, she sets her eyes on her neighbours husband, Andre. Andres’ wife, Vonny, is not blind, but the families money problems and their son Simons health are bigger problems right now. It’s a story about love, loneliness and the things we leave unsaid.

The characters in this book are all struggling with feelings of abandonment by family, especially their parents, whether in the present or the past. The damage this causes and the choices they make, as well as facing those fears and finding acceptance of themselves is what it’s all about.

In places, this book is very sad. Rejection by the community or by someone you love is not easy, but when it’s a parent expressing not wanting their child, it’s tragic. It’s a clever and insightful look at these things, and how we create new feelings of family and belonging, as well as safety, as we grow through life.

Another wonderful book from Hoffman.

Read it If: you’ve ever felt alone or rejected, or wanted to belong. Or wanted to be independent…

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