Survival Lessons with writer Alice Hoffman


As you probably know, this year I’ve been reading all Alice Hoffman’s books, which has been a lovely experience, and I’m quite sad that I’ve nearly read them all. Thankfully she’s still writing more, with another coming out soon.

Hoffman often writes about small town, suburban America, with magic realism often a  theme. Her books are often touching, sad, bittersweet, about relationships, loving the wronog person, finding the right one, or healing family relationships. In her book Survival Lessons she has created a little guide to life that she wrote whilst recovering from cancer. It’s a beautiful book and I thought that since it’s a little more personal, I’d share with you some quotes and words off wisdom.

This is one of those books that I feel everyone should have, or everyone should give. We all go through life lessons, and have to learn to survive and to fall in love with life over and over. We all need some survival lessons to get through life, and this book is delightful.

On her relationship with her Grandmother: She was my angel, the person I could always depend on, as funny as she was tough. I spoke to her every morning until the day she died. Because of her, I know that if you’re lucky enough to have one person believe in you, you have it made.


Choose to enjoy yourself. Start by eating chocolate.


When you have a dinner party only invite people you want to talk to. … Girls with pink hair who have big dreams. Young men who plan to change the world.


The truth is, some of your closest friends may disappear during your most difficult times. These people have their own history and traumas; they may not be able to deal with yours. They may belong to the before.

Now I know what she wanted from me on the day she told me she was afraid. It was exactly what I wanted when I had cancer and thought I was going to die. I should have sat down next to her , put my arms around her, and told her that I loved her. That’s all anyone wants. It took me a long time to figure this out. It’s a complicated human puzzle. But it’s never too late to know that love is all you need.


Every woman is only one bad boyfriend or one bad choice away from the street. And she’s only one good choice back to the path that will lead her home.

If you need a little hope, or a light in a dark place. Or even if you’re just looking to bring a little joy and love into your life, I recommend this little book. But I also think that you’ll love Alice Hoffman, just like I do. For further reading, try this link to the reading list HERE.

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