Think Pink: A Feminine Makeup Look


Sometimes a girl just wants to wear pink. I think it’s one of those colours that’s flattering to all skin tones, and has the ability to be girly or grungy, depending on what you wear. So here is my all pink makeup look, and how to achieve it. How you want to twist it and make it your own is up to you.


Make up is all about having fun and being creative in ways the celebrate you and how you see yourself. I guess that this look isn’t super-dramatic and belongs more the range of natural to subtly smokey looks, but sometimes pink is just the way forward.

As always, I start with skin. Le Blanc De Chanel is my go-to primer and base, and it highlights the skin so well, I love it! I follow with Diorskin Forever in 020, and to those of you who were asking me recently about concealers, I use Rimmels old fashioned bullet concealer, applied with fingers, Hide The Blemish in 001 Ivory, it’s so pale, which is great for me!


Base, done, I think the perfect feline flicks give this look a bit of definition. I use Borjois Mega Liner, it’s one of those ones shaped like a pen, which I find really handy to use. This one reminds me of a felt tip permanent marker, because it’s designed to last for 24hrs, and it really does! Eyes are enhanced with Lancome Eyeshadow, in four shades. Pretty Pretty is the highlighter shade, which looks white in the pan, but has a little pink to it on the skin. Used on the inner corner and brow bone. Then I swept Drape over the whole lid, which is a rosey, metallic pink. Back Stage Pass, a soft brown, was worked into the crease, with Click, an intense chocolate rose on the corner to create a slightly cat eye shape. You can apply these eyeshadows with a little water on your brush to get a more smokey rose look, but I kept it light and relied on the eyeliner for drama.


Lips are lined for the perfect pout with Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner in 132 Sweet Pink, and filled with Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick in 202 Rose Dressing, a lovely pink with a slight coral tint to it.

Finishing touches? Borjois 1 Seconde Volume Mascara in Ultra Black, for ultimate flutter, and MUA Luxe Blush Shimmer, which is a creamy stick blush with a hint of glow, which gives you the best post-workout (or post-orgasm) flush to your cheeks.

So there you go, the perfect pink look, teamed with an H&M hot pink vest top, and diamante earrings (my new favourite thing, a birthday gift from one of my favourite people). What do you think? What are your favourite pink make up items?

Want more? Check out this post HERE about London in Autumn, what I’m wearing and a fool-proof tart recipe, or maybe THIS about my MUA Makeup haul. You can also find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia and on Twitter @cravenwild.

4 thoughts on “Think Pink: A Feminine Makeup Look

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