Caramel and Chocolate Makeup and Chunky Knits: It Must Be Autumn!


I don’t know how it is where you all live, but here in London, the seasons seem to turn on a dime. One minute it’s Summer, with the sun out, and then overnight the leaves have changed to gold and there’s a bite in the wind.

But some of the great things about Autumn are the colours, curling up in cafe’s with lattes and a good book, and of course chunky knits.


These are some of my old favourites. They’re hugely oversized, which I love, though I’m not convinced they’re superflattering. However, the colours are, and they go so well with the golds and chocolate smokey eyes of the makeup of this time of year.


These knitted sweaters are from, I picked them up last year for a song, and though they may not be hardy enough to last me through a second winter, I love them all the same. So cute with jeans (Levis of course!) and heeled boots. Though getting a jacket over them is not exactly easy.


The make up here is a mix of brands and palettes. I used a mix of Lancome and MUA Makeup Academy Eye Shadow Palette, with Chanel Lipstick. Your top must haves for these looks are:

  • A chocolate brown kohl eyeliner pencil, mine is from Rimmel.
  • Borjois Smokey Stories in 06 Upside Brown, gorgeous caramel shades.
  • MUA Makeup Academy eye shadow palette in Dusk Til Dawn, the brown shades are perfect.
  • Loreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara, which is my favourite, and really gives you long, luscious lashes and makes eyes pop.
  • Chanel Rouge Allure in 28 Romantic, a beautiful berry shade that suits everyone.
  • For kissable, caramel lips, Loreal Extreme Resist Lip Gloss in 505 Never Let Me Go, with it’s peachy, pink with gold flecks.

What are your favourites for Fall/Autumn? Leave a comment and let me know.

If you liked this look, you might get a kick out of my girly all pink makeup HERE, or you might like my first Autumn themed post HERE. Find me on twitter @cravenwild or on Instagram, @hermioneflavia.

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