The Top 5 Things About Being Sick… A Positive Spin. 

This week I’ve mostly been curled up in a ball, getting very little done, hence my regular Friday post being missing. I’m sick. 

Whether it’s the change of seasons or something else, being sick doesn’t have to be a total downer, and I got to thinking of the five things I did enjoy this week, whilst mentally stressing about getting nothing done. 

  1. Reading: at first I was too tired to read, which for me is a sign that something is really wrong, because I read constantly. It was actually nice at a certain point to accept that I was too meh to get anything done, and I buried myself in Alice Hoffmans Museum of Extraordinary Things, which was brilliant, and started this gem from Daphne Du Maurier. Guilt free reading is bliss, not having to think about all the things on my to-do list that need attention. 
  2. Instagram, emails & getting in touch: when you’re sick you can guilt-free sit on Instagram all day and look at shoes and pictures of kittens. It’s awesome. But I also was able to respond to comments, ask people questions about their posts. I read more blogs & had more time to reply to personal emails properly. It was really nice to slow down and engage with people. 
  3. Comfort food: Tea. Nutella. Toast. Ok, so I wasn’t super decadent in my culinary comfort choices, but it was really nice. Especially since my boyfriend has been such a darling and cooked and brought me endless tea refills. I could just let go, and be taken care of. There’s something wonderful about having someone to rely on. 
  4. Movies: when I was too tired to read, movies of course were the go to entertainment of choice. Which was bliss for me, because you know how much I love movies. Since I was sick, I just went with what took my fancy, rather than worrying about what I needed to watch for work, and ended up watching some 90s classics: Fear with a very young Wahlberg & Witherspoon, and Teaching Mrs Tingle. Very comforting. 
  5. Re-assessment: ok, the last and actually most important? Taking a look at my lifestyle and why I got sick in the first place. I wasn’t drinking enough water, eating a balanced diet and I was allowing people around me to stress me out. I needed to take a little look at my life and pull it back into balance, and that’s the key thing with getting sick. Self care. 

How about you guys? What self care do you practice when you’re not well? 

10 thoughts on “The Top 5 Things About Being Sick… A Positive Spin. 

  1. Great post! Being sick sucks, but looking at the positives definitely helps. Also, I’ve been dying to read Museum of Extraordinary Things! Hearing you say how brilliant it is might just push me to finally find a copy.

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    1. Ha ha, yep, it sucks, but looking at the positive always helps.
      Yes! It’s really good. Less magic realism than some of her previous books. But very entertaining! Let me know if you end up reading it & thanks for stopping by! ❤️

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  2. 1) Plenty of Tobasco to cure the ills.
    2) Plenty of green tea (to hydrate, and wash down the Tobasco.)
    3) Couch, blanket, dog.
    4) Godzilla movie marathon.
    5) S L E E P

    Seek peace (and wellness),


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