The Selina by Mac Collection

I love it when Mac does a series or collaboration. They’re always so creative and detailed, from the quality and design to the choice of the colours and the products names (in this collection, they’re all song titles, cool huh?)

The current collection didn’t really register with me, because truth be told, I didn’t know who Selena was. A famous American Latino singer and role model in the 90s, her murder at the tender age of 23 by a trusted friend and business associate in the mid-nineties meant that I never came across her when I was growing up in Australia.

But I know who she is now. And I’m glad that Mac have made this range with the help of Selenas sister, using a signature 90s purple on the cases and the stars autograph. It’s wonderful testament to the singer, and perhaps introduces a new generation to her, as well.

And it’s nice to see a collection of make up homaging a beauty who is Latino, time for a more diverse range of female role models!

I love Mac products, and the quality in this range is as beautiful as ever. I had no plans to buy any of the range, but a dear friend in the US loves Selena, and since the products are mostly sold out there, she purchased a few here & asked me to forward them to her from my UK address.

The lipgloss from the range was a thank you gift from her to me.

Called “Bidi bidi Bom Bom” (isn’t that awesome?) it’s a great shade of pink that’s long lasting, moisturising, and looks fabulous alone or over other lipsticks.

Currently, the Selena collection is almost entirely sold out in the US and UK, but Mac has announced that they are going to restock because of the high demand.

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