Pandora’s Star by Peter F Hamilton


This one was recommended to me by an old friend, and it ended up on my must-read list for the year. It’s the first book in a huge epic sci-fi saga called The Commonwealth Saga, and oh my God, it’s about a billion pages long, and has a huge list of characters.

The book is set in 2380 AD, and humans have colonised space, and live mostly in harmony with it’s other inhabitants. But when an astronomer discovers a pair of stars that are surrounded by a force field which keeps it’s occupants held within, everyone wants to know why and what’s behind it. But are they biting off more than they can chew?

The book contains elements of political intrigue, thriller, mystery, and loads of description of the worlds that people inhabit. Although the cast is huge, each one is a well rounded individual, with well thought out motivations and characters traits. It’s sometimes tragic, often funny and always imaginative.

But did I like it? Well, as much as I can appreciate the finer points of this book, and those are many, it’s so LONG. I felt bogged down in it, like I was trudging through the long pages of description. I got kind of tired of the whole thing. I actually read other books in between and came back to it to get a break. Acquired taste? Maybe. But definitely a beautifully crafted world and a good plot to slip into.

Read It If: One for sci-fi fans, it’s long, so you have to be dedicated, but if you enjoy the world that’s created, you’re going to love it.

2 thoughts on “Pandora’s Star by Peter F Hamilton

  1. Heinlein’s ‘Time enough for love’ and ‘Stranger in a strange land’.. Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ are in a league of their own and are immersive reads… JRR Tolkien.. Lord of the rings’ another, and to some, an impossible read.. for me, if the story is good, the book can be as long as it likes.. and like you sometimes, I will read short pulp in between..

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