I Won This Awesome Box Of Goodies From The Good Life Bunny Blog Giveaway! 

And I’m incredibly excited! I don’t win things very often! Hosted by the lovely The Good Life Bunny, whose blog is such a great read, full of beauty, fashion, books, lifestyle, I just love her! And I wanted to say a big thank you for this giveaway!

The name Good Life Bunny, as you can read in her about page, comes from a mix of her happy nature, her love of all things beautiful, and her husbands nickname for her. Which I think is totally adorable. If you’re not already a fan or a follower, you can find her blog HERE  or at thegoodlifebunny.com.

Apart from her great content (and her blog is so organised, you browse and find topics really easily, I love that!), I love how sweet she is. As you can see, she popped this little handwritten not in the box for me, but she also added a couple of delicious chocolates, and with the products, like foreign face masks for example, that were included, she added little pink hand written notes and comments for use. Which I think is both kind and adorable!

The box included so many great things to try! There was face masks, body butter, lip products and one of those awesome brush cleaners, which I really wanted to try.

And it’s all right in time for Winter, when my skin needs that little extra TLC to get it through the bitter months.

I can’t wait to try these out, thank you again to the wonderful GoodLifeBunny, please check out her blog and give her a follow, she’s awesome, you won’t be disappointed.

And if you liked this post, you might like to take a look at my post about the products I can’t live without HERE or at this post about The Painted Shoe, gorgeous stationery, mugs, phone covers and more designed with beautiful fashion illustrations HERE.  You can find more by following me on Twitter @craven_wild or on Instagram @hermioneflavia.

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