Poet Of The Wrong Generation by Lonnie Ostrow

A fable of stardom’s rewards.


It’s the 90’s in New York, and Johnny Elias is deeply in love with Megan Price, the beautiful daughter of wealthy PR and snob, Katherine. Watching a concert in Central Park with Megan and his best friend Andy, they’re perfectly happy.

But everything is about to change. Katherine thinks that Megan is too good for Johnny and will stop at nothing to destroy their love, and Johnny is about to write the hit song that will rocket him to the top of the charts.

The book is written by Ostrow, a PR superstar for authors like Barbara Taylor Bradford, and clearly a huge music lover. The book is peppered with the lyrics to the hit songs that Johnny writes, and you can actually listen to them, like a soundtrack, on the authors website HERE.

Ok, so I’m going to to honest, I think the cover of the book is a little busy and off putting, but don’t let that judgment sway you, it’s what’s inside that counts. And if you’re a music lover or ever wanted to be a star, I think you’ll get a kick out of this book.

It functions as a melodrama, with the two central lovers being rather star crossed, and the evil Katherine laughing up her sleeve at her machinations, which is why this book is fun. You really end up hating her, and for me, I was really irritated by Megan for being so weak, just like Johnny was, then annoyed at him for jumping to conclusions. It makes you feel for the characters, and be interested in what they’re going to to next. It’s dramatic.

Perhaps the book felt a little long for me towards the end, but I liked how the author describes the reality of life in the music industry, the meetings, the attitudes, and the way Johnny’s life gets taken over. I think that a lot of people will get something out of the insight into the other side of stardom, and how it all works. I also felt like the characters were all thought out, realistic and well drawn. They made sense, and were really likable. Well, other than Katherine, but you’re not meant to like her.

Read It If: you’ve ever said that music isn’t what it used to be, this one is for those of you who dreamed of making it big.

This book was sent to me for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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