Dramatic Makeup: Illamasqua Eye Shadow Palette in Demise 

Illamasqua is one of those iconic brands that make you feel like being a makeup artist is within your reach at home. I love the beautiful packaging, with it’s decadent feel, it’s unusual shape, and the beautiful quality of the products. The product darling of both professionals and women at home, they don’t test on animals, they have innovative products, and they never use “known” models or famous people to sell their products.

If you browse through their site, you’ll find bold products and looks that look like they could have jumped right off the cat walk.  I love them, and the playful products that you can create anything you want with, a daytime look for the office, or a dramatic look for any night out you can imagine. The eye shadow quad palettes normally retail for about £34.00, so they’re not cheap, but they’re so so beautiful. This one is called Demise.

You can create a different looks with this beautiful palette, which contains a dark rose pink, navy blue and white gold powder shades, with a rose gold cream shade as well. THe rose gold has a kind of shimmer to it, and I actually didn’t realise that it was creamy til my brush hit the pan. It’s slightly awkward to work with first time, but it’s smooth and is packed with pigment.

I blended the colours slightly, which meant that the blue and red tones created a purple where they mixed. Sadly you can’t see it amazingly well in these pictures, but the gold in the eye corner and brow bone, and then the blend of other colours is really beautiful. It creates a soft flattering blend, and I’m a bit in love with the effect. It looks almost cosmic, like the colours of a galaxy or the twilight sky.

If you use a wet brush, you can get a more contoured and segregated colour, less blended. I love that you can use the products different ways like that.

You can find your Illamasqua palettes and other products on their website HERE. It’s a beautiful website to look at, and they also have a sale on right now.

For the rest of the look, I picked up this t shirt at Primark, for about £3. The earrings are from a selection at Boohoo.com. I used a few different coloured glosses and lipsticks from Loreal to blend a lip colour I liked. I use Max Factor Creme Puff powder foundation as my base. (With Le Blanc De Chanel as a primer underneath, it’s great for photographs) I use blushes from Borjois.

Want more? You can find other makeup looks here, like this cute Winter plaid dress and red lip look HERE or this article about what products you need to survive Winter HERE.

You can also find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia or on Twitter @craven_wild.

12 thoughts on “Dramatic Makeup: Illamasqua Eye Shadow Palette in Demise 

    1. I’m a bit in love with Illamasqua right now! I could spend so much money on clothes & makeup. 😃 He he. And thank you so much for that compliment. ❤ What a lovely thing to say. 😃


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