Awesome Colour Change Nail Polish from Bow by Dance Legend.

How have I gone my whole life without knowing there was such a thing as colour change nail polish? I picked these up from Girly Bits which is a Canadian company that ships worldwide, and now I’m a huge fan of them and their range. I chose two different ones that work in different ways from the Bow by Dance Legend range. And I’m in love!

(This is not a sponsored post, these are items that I bought with a gift certificate given by a friend who loves this company. Since shopping with them, I love them too, and just wanted to share)

Composure £7.98

(Click HERE for purchase)


This one is a thermal polish, which is really cool. It goes on a rich fuchsia pink, and then with the warm of your hands, the nail changes to a white gold while the tips stay pink, softly blending. I think it’s so cool! It comes in a range of colours, I chose this one because I love pink. I love the way the nail colour fades from the tip into the nail. So pretty! It’s an ombre effect that you’d normally pay a lot to get, I think. And it’s cool when the colours change from indoors to outdoors, as your hand temperature changes.

Purity £7.98

(Click HERE for purchase)

Again, this one comes in a bunch of shades, this one is pearly white inside and is solar which means in direct sunlight it changes to a pinky purple colour. I think this one is so fun for Summer, when the sun finally comes out you can watch your nails change. I love it.

What I love about these is that even though they’re colour changing, they come in a range of colours that are fun but also grown up. You’re not going to look like you pinched these from a child’s bedroom.

They have a little bit of glitter through them, but it’s subtle. And I think it’s been added because the colour doesn’t have much shine, it’s quite matte. It’s fairly subtle, and I rather like it. I added a layer of top coat over the top to seal it and it gave it all the gloss it needed. I find these shades a bit thin, so I ended up doing about 3 coats, but you might like to do 4, or you could always layer them over a thicker colour or a white base coat. I couldn’t get good pictures of the colour change effect because it’s overcast here, so I used some pics from their advertising.

Again, if you want to buy these or other great shades, please to check out Girly Bits. I think they’re THE store for nail polish lover. Find these great shades and more HERE.

Really fun, huh? What do you think? Have you used these or another cool nail polish you love? Let me know in the comments section. And keep an eye out for a nail polish giveaway soon, including one of these great shades, and more.

And as always, you can find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia or on Twitter @CravenWild. See you there!

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