Our Newest Family Member: Grimoire the Kitten!

I’ve been a bit quiet over the last week or ten days, and today I’m finally getting a quiet moment to stop and get a little writing done. The reason that I’ve been to distracted is that I’ve had a bit of a life change: that is to say, we got ourselves a kitten.

As you can see, he’s as cute as a button, and most of my pictures of him are when he’s asleep, since that’s the only time that he will stay still long enough to have his picture taken.

He’s a boy, and he’s currently 8 weeks old. We decided to call him Grimoire, since he’s a black cat and I thought a magical name would be fun. (I did consider calling him Salem, but it didn’t feel original enough)

Of course, now we have interrupted sleep each night, and a house full of cat toys but we also have more cuddles and snuggles, which is really lovely on a rainy day like today.

So, that’s my latest news. If you head over to Instagram, @hermioneflavia, I tend to post a few pictures of him, especially in Stories, if you like looking at pictures and videos of kittens (who doesn’t, right?)

40 thoughts on “Our Newest Family Member: Grimoire the Kitten!

  1. Madame Vintage

    I like the name..it’s very fitting for a magical cat to have leapt into your life now and give you much happiness I’m sure..one could say he’s the puurfect addition to the family. 😊

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