Iconic Brand: Latest Elizabeth Arden Beauty Review

Elizabeth Arden is one of those brands that has been around for ages, and who is know for being good quality, but not always cheap. It’s one of those brands that has products that people have used for generations, and yet also creates innovative new products that seek to revolutionise the beauty industry. But are they any good? I purchased a few items and samples to try, and thought I’d share my experience with you.

The stylish box my purchase came in, which I think it so cute!

Advanced Ceramide Capsules Youth Restoring Serum

I was really impressed with these little things! I thought they were kind of a gimic and really didn’t expect much of them. They’re a little gold coloured capsule which you gently twist open. Inside, a decent sized dose of a serum is held, which you sweep across your skin before moisturising, morning and night. I like that the amount you need to use is portioned for you, and it’s easy to use and smells really nice. But I was really impressed with how well it worked! After using one, my skin felt really healthy, and as I continued to use them, my skin became more and more healthy and glowing. Really impressed! However, they’re not cheap. It’s about £66 for 60 capsules, which is approximately a 2 month supply. Worth it if you can afford it, perhaps. There are, however, more items in this range, from eye creams to moisturisers.

Skin Illuminating Night Brightening Capsules

To compliment the above, you could try out these. They function the same as the above, a serum in a capsule that you twist to open. I quite liked these, they do definitely help your skin feel healthy and brightened, and again, the smell was rather nice, a bit decadent. I think these would work well over time, maintaining your skins health. This is part of a range of products illuminate and brighten the skin, and I think the range is really good. This item retails for around £60 and is currently sold out, so that tells you how popular it has become. Personally, I think the ceramide range is a bit more effective.

Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist

Moisture mists are so huge this season, with each beauty brand creating it’s own version. (For more on these, see my post HERE about moisture mists) This one is Elizabeth Ardens own addition to the trend, and honestly, it’s really good. It uses the famous Eight Hour Cream as it’s basis, and you just spritz it before or after makeup to give your skin a moisture boost wherever you are, on the go or at your desk. It’s a bit of a skin saviour, I think, since you can take it on a plane or to the beach, or in Summer on a hot day, just spritz and your skin stays healthy and protected with a moisture boost. This one retails for £21 and is really good, you’ll find there are a lot of mists out there, and there might be one in your price range however. I do love that you can just tuck this in your bag and take it anywhere with you.

Superstart Skin Renewal Booster

Again, this one isn’t cheap, at £45, but I think it’s certainly a good one to add to your beauty and skincare arsenal. It’s part of a full range of related products, so you can go all out if you want to, but I like that you can just add this one into your normal beauty regime. After cleansing your face, use a bit of this, and then go ahead with your serum and moisturiser. It leaves skin feeling really moisturised and over the course of a day or two, you’ll be glowing! I really like this product, and I found it really does give you a youth boost effect. You could use this one just once day or as needed, or twice a day, depending on your needs, so it feels quite versatile. A new favourite.

Prevage Anti-Aging Intensive Repair Daily Serum

This is an odd serum, and again part of a wider range. At £165 for 30mL this is an expensive product, and it comes out a thick golden yellow colour. Personally, my skin hated it. I don’t have sensitive skin at all, and have never had to worry about my skin reacting to any product, but this one made it very puffy. I think this was meant to be part of a firming effect, but my skin felt tight and uncomfortable with a rough feel to the top layer, and it took a few days to recover. It also made the area around my eyes puffy, which was really awful. I clearly had some kind of reaction to it, and since I don’t have sensitive skin, I’d recommend avoiding this one.

Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

No conversation about Elizabeth Arden would be complete without a mention of Eight Hour Cream. It’s a signature product and one that has made Elizabeth Arden famous, and now has a huge range of products based on the original formula. Of course, the original is so often the best. I heard a story years ago that Elizabeth invented this product  way back in the 30’s as a balm for her racehorses, and when it seemed to heal bruises and cuts within eight hours, she developed it into a wonder balm for people. It’s a great, versatile product, which heals irritation, soothes redness, and can be used from anything from healing skin to soothing cracked lips and hands. It’s a hand bag staple, at £26 a little goes a long way (you can often get smaller tubes of the product too) Some people use it as a highlighter or so convert powder shadows to glossy creams. I rate this product, it’s so handy and it really does work to make skin happy in just eight hours.

So there you have it, a range of new and classic products from Elizabeth Arden. Have you tried any of these? Or something different from the range? Did you love or hate them? Let me know in the comments section!

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