Heritage: A Transcend Novel by Addie Hunter


In the small town of Arhaus, Nevada, three girls have been mysteriously gifted super powers. As they practice their powers and fight crime, they must keep them secret from their friends and family, and also compete with the other superheroes in their town, three boys, who seem quite familiar.

When a strange symbol starts to appear at crime scenes across the town, the six teen superheroes decide to team up to find out what’s going on.

Addie Hunter sent me this book for honest review, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. She has a very realistic, natural writing style, and the book feels interesting and well paced. This book is the first in the Trenscend series, and if you like young adult fiction and epic, superhero stories, this is for you.

I really liked the way that the book was paced, with different things unfolding in each chapter. The book doesn’t just focus on the action and adventure, but builds character through each persons preoccupations and personal dilemmas. There are alcoholic parents and toxic shame, bulimia and senior prom, and other real world problems, that i found really fascinating. They were the kinds of preoccupations that my friends and I dealt with and had to consider when I was in high school. I was impressed with the way Addie captured the feel of real life teenagers, rather than a softened version. The characters think and speak in a way that felt natural and real to me.

I quite liked the plot of this book too, with the strange symbols suggesting something very dark out there on the heroes horizon, building up to the end reveal. It felt well paced and kept me interested the whole way through.

It felt different to be reading a novel about superheroes rather than a comic book, and I do think that this series would make a really great graphic novel, too. Perhaps the only criticism about this book might be that there are a large number of characters to keep track of and get to know in quite a short time, as the book isn’t very long. Especially as the superhero characters have their real name and their superhero one. But I found that over the course of the book each one became quite well defined.

Read It If: those of you who are really loving the current obsession with superhero movies, or who love comic book characters or young adult fiction, you’ll really like this one. It’s good fun.

 Heritage by Addie Hunter is available in Paperback or E-book, in the UK HERE or for US readers HERE.

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