Stationery Obsession: Writing Paper, Journals and the Joy of Letter Writing

I love stationery. I love journals, and pens and coloured paper with matching envelopes. I can’t go past a stationery store without going in, and then it’s very hard for me to leave without buying anything. Being a Australian who lives in London, I do have people to write to and I always have a journal tucked into my handbag, so I can justify the spend… most of the time. Although I tend to use a signature red envelope for business contacts, there are so many other items that I need, and these are just some that are in my stash.

One of my favourite places to get items from are Korean or Japanese stores. They are full of really fun things, and often with adorable cartoon characters on them, like the Powerpuff Girls envelopes and writing paper above. Since writing letters have kind of become a bit of s dying art, these are some of the last stores that still do really fun letter writing sets. I also love the fun branded pens that you can find in stores like these. Anything Hello Kitty or Sailor Moon rates pretty highly with me. And I love that you can get matching sticker and stamps and things too, which you can seal letters with or use in your diary or journal to make boring meetings and dentist appointments seem more appealing. The Pusheen journal above was such a great find at one of these stores, and I love it.

Of course, I also like the more serious and grown up, literary choices for stationery, too. Above is my Arthur Conan Doyle journal, which came from a museum. The gift stores in London museums are really great places for stationery, particularly journals, and this one I love so much. It has beautiful parchment coloured pages and original illustrations inside the front cover. A beautiful fountain pen is also a great addition to your stationery arsenal, and gives your penmanship a bit of old school elegance. I also love using a wax seal sometimes, I have black or green to seal with, and an H monogram. These used to be a little hard to come across, but now you can find them online. And I think it’s so nice to receive a letter sealed with one. It makes it feel a but special.

If you’re in the UK, you’ll know the joys of Paperchase, which has all kinds of stationery in different patterns. This on has a vintage feel, and I love that. The soft purple and blue, with the Paris motif is so sweet, and it came in a sweet concertina file to keep your papers and letters organised. I love vintage style stationery, of all kinds. I guess letter writing is an old school, vintage pursuit so it fits. But I also think it feels a bit feminine without being overly girly.  (You can shop at Paperchase and see all their different ranges HERE)

And then you have your fun stationery… 🦄 This one again is from Paperchase, and it’s hilariously bright and quite large too. I love that it’s so colourful, with it’s large rainbow envelopes, and I love the unicorn shaped paper. (You guys must know I love unicorns by now, right?) Who isn’t going to be psyched to get a rainbow envelope in the post with their boring bills?

These are just some of the items in my collection, which is constantly growing. I love writing letters and scribbling in my journal, and it always makes me happy to use something beautiful, or post something pretty. What are your stationery must haves? Do you have favourite places to buy paper and pens? I’d really love to hear about them in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Stationery Obsession: Writing Paper, Journals and the Joy of Letter Writing

  1. Madame Vintage

    It’s wonderful to hear you still write handwritten letters..I’ve always said I didn’t want to lose that style. Though I’ve been born and lived in London my whole life and have hardly any use for such needs it’s always wonderful to have such parchment..of course I do have a journal from Paperchase ☺ the holy grail of all things..well paper heh. They really do have such lovely items I hardly go there as it’s far from me and travelling is an issue with health but I remember I was overwhelmed by choices then first time I stepped inside.

    I have a vintage hardback journal of a cartoon girl hand drawn where I write all my blog things and quotes.

    I do love your journal very much. Even more so being Arthur Conan Doyle, who’s books are very enthralling. ☺

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful long comment. You’re such a darling, you know that? I’m glad we follow each other.
      Paperchase is online now, which is even more dangerous than walking in there! Ha ha! I love handwritten letters, sending and receiving, and there’s something so cathartic about writing things down in a beautiful journal. ❤️

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      1. Madame Vintage

        Aw why thank you..that made me smile wider than the joker could pull. Oh yes I indeed browsed through their online store but somehow it doesn’t feel quite the same as having a quirky and quaint stationary before your very eyes.

        I only have the one journal as I’m trying to be on the path of a minimalist but it sure is tempting to buy such novelty items. The wax seal is something I’ve longed for quite some time.

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      2. Ha ha! The Joker… 😂 Nice one.
        There is definitely something different about shopping online than being in store, that’s true.
        I love that you can find wax seals more readily now, they used to be quite expensive.

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