My New Favourite Thing: Monogrammed Journals from Typo

This week, I headed out to the mall to pick up a few cute things for Summer, and wandered into Typo. Now I wonder how I ever lived without knowing about this store! It’s full of cool things, from decor to stationery and mugs, all totally Instagram worthy.

These supercute journals come in a huge range of colours and styles, from vintage prints to leather-like covers, and of course, varying shades of glitter, which I immediately fell in love with. I couldn’t decide between rose gold or mermaid-tail green, so I ended up getting both.

But what really gets me about these it that you can get them monogrammed for 50p per letter! You can have up to 4 letters, and I chose rose gold embossing, but they have silver and gold too.

These journals were £8 each, but for journals and notepads, they range from just a couple of pounds to £20 for the really large ones. They have some really cool covers and some have hilarious quotes or Disney or Star Wars characters on them.

You can shop at Typo online HERE, they are actually an Australian company, I think. A subsidiary of the hugely popular Cotton On, and they ship world wide, so if there’s no stores near you, you can still get your hands on their cool stuff.

These journals are have these cute, old school book plates in the front, a pocket inside the back cover for little mementos and are way more shiny and sweet than my camera could pick up. I love, Love LOVE these. I can’t get over how pretty they are!

Did you know about Typo? DO you have a favourite item from their store? Or maybe you just love stationery and beautiful things like me. Leave a comment below, and you might also like to check out my other post about stationery HERE.

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