Incognito by Khaled Talib


The Pope has been kidnapped. Is it the work of terrorists? Or does the rabbit hole go a lot deeper than that? Enter the League Of Invisible Knights, a secret order of highly trained professionals sworn to fight the forces of evil. Ayden Tanner, an ex-SAS commando, with two colleagues, descends on the scene, and finds the trail leads throughout Europe in a race against time.

It’s a book where bodies pile up quickly, and nothing is what it seems…

Talib has a way of shifting the narrative into overdrive, keeping the pace and action coming throughout. He hits on all the thriller tropes that you could want, from secret underground organisations, modern terrorism, action men with a past, to incredible locations.

The characters feel a little stock at times, but it’s all quite fun as you try to figure out where it’s all going. And there’s plenty going on in this novel to keep you entertained.

Perhaps for me, who grew up on James Bond and Cold War spy novels, I find the modern debates about Muslims and Catholics less interesting as a subject in a thriller. The idea that someone is framing Muslims for terrorist acts has been done in a few movies and books lately, and as a theme in this book (no spoilers here! It comes up early on) and it just makes me uncomfortable. It’s too on that PC line. But, I did like the Dan Brown sort of feel to this novel, and when it’s cheesey, it’s in that paperback thriller kind of way.

Read It If: I guess if you love these kinds of thrillers you already know who you are, or aren’t. If you don’t like them, skip this book. If you love them, then here you are, meet Khaled Talib.

This book was sent to me by the author for honest review. All opinions are my own. Khaled Talib has a great website that you can take a look at HERE, a great place to find out more about the author. You can get your copy of Incognito via his site HERE where it’s available in e-book, and paper and hard back editions.

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