Accessory Of The Day: Pink Cat Earrings From Nic Love

I picked these eccentric earrings up at London Fashion Week Festival last year. They’re superfun baby pink acrylic, lasercut. And yes, they’re cats! These are a favourite accessory from London brand From Nic Love, who create glittery, delightful jewelry and accessories that are bold and fun. Since I get a lot of compliments on these, I thought I’d share where you can get your hands on them, and also on the cool brand that made them.

When you look at these earrings more closely, you can see that they actually are based on the statues of Bast from Ancient Egypt, one of the most famous of which is in the British Museum in London. I like that added detail. These were about £12 and came in a range of pastel shades, all of which I loved, but ended up choosing pink. Sadly, these are largely sold out, but you can get your hands on a pair HERE at Attitude Clothing for £10.04. (Jumper worn from H&M £19.99, crop top underneath from Primark)

(These images above are taken from the From Nic Love site and show items from the last two collections)

If you love all things glitter, pastel and retro, they are a brand that you need to know. The items on their site, which you can visit HERE, are incredible, from bold, bright art deco like designs to animals and vintage motifs, none of which are crazy expensive. They’re all made by the creator Nic, and when they sell out, they’re usually gone, which means they’re original and unique. They also have a range of vegan makeup, made almost entirely with local ingredients. (From Nic Love also now has a Glitter Bus that you can hire for events, which will come and paint glitter makeup for you and your guests)

If you want to support a smaller, independent designer, I think From Nic Love are really exciting and original. I’ve met the creator, briefly, and she’s a very warm, genuine person. Shop this brand HERE or follow on Instagram @fromniclove.

Love these earrings? Hate them? Let me know what you think in the comments below or find me on Twitter @CravenWild or on Instagram @hermioneflavia

(This is just a post about something I’ve bought and a brand that impresses me, not sponsored or affiliated with the brand in any way)


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