The Holy Dark by Kyoko M


This book was sent to me for honest review by the author, so big thank you to her for that. All opinions in this review are my own.

The third book in the Black Parade series by Kyoko M, The Holy Dark sees Jordan Amador, our demon bashing Seer, facing her biggest battle yet. After demon Belial tried to raise the Leviathan in the last book, Jordan’s actions alienated her from most of the angels, and her attraction to Belial alienated her from her husband, archangel Micheal.

Jordan no longer has anything to lose, as she fights to save humanity on her own, with the help of Myra, another Seer and friend. But with the demons discovering the whereabouts of Judas pieces of silver, an ancient evil artifact that they plan to use to bring Hell on earth and all out war on Heaven, Jordan has to team up with her etraged husband to stop them. Can they put their feelings aside? Will they get back together or will the world as we know it end?

This is a big book and a big story, which Kyoko tackles with her usual gusto, throwing violence and action, passion and romance into the mix of religious motifs and theology. It’s a fun mix, with pop culture references, twists and turns, it’s sense of humour juxtaposed with darkness. It reminds me in some ways of Supernatural or Constantine, and it has a kind of comic book vibe, but at the same time, it’s not derivative and very much as it’s own voice and flavour.

One thing that I find a little odd is that the angels often do very bad things and the demons are often more gross than truly all that bad, but I don’t feel like this really detracts from the story or from the enjoyment of the book. It could be argued that old testament stories often have angels enact revenge?

On the whole, if you liked the earlier books in this series, this one races you through mayhem, heartbreak, passion and action to the conclusion of the series, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Read It If: you don’t have to have read the other books to read this one, but I do think it’s more fun if you do. Fans of comic books, Supernatural, and those of you who enjoy urban fantasy or angel vs demon type themes will like this.

Want to get your hands on a copy? You can pick this book up in kindle or paperback on Amazon UK HERE, or on Amazon US HERE. You can also find out more about the author and her works HERE.

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