Borjois Kissmass Look: Rouge Velvet Lipstick Shades and more with Influenster

I’ve loved Borjois ever since I moved to the UK almost a decade ago. They’re a French brand started in 1863 largely for the theatre whose products quickly became mainstream. When they teamed up with Influenster this Christmas, I was sent a box of goodies to create this makeup look, which I’m really excited to share with you. So, these products were complimentary, but if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll already know that I love a bit of Borjois.

Part of the reason that I love them is that they deliver innovative and quality products at a good price point. They’re affordable but very chic. The packaging usually has a slight retro or vintage feel to me. I also love their range of shades of lipstick and eye shadows which are true and last beautifully without drying and I swear by their blush pots! Here, the entire look is created using Borjois, including some great products that I’ve never tried before.

The Three Lipsticks:

  • 11 Berry Formidable, a warm vintage red, seen above.
  • 10 Magni-Fig, a dark plum fuschia that’s superflattering, seen below
  • 12 Brunette, a delicious chocolate red

This range of lipsticks with the Velvet moniker are a new favourite. I love bold lipsticks and have been slicking on these three shades all Winter, they go with everything! I’ve used the liquid Velvet lip colours before, but this range is new. They glide on smoothly, and stay put without bleeding, which keeps them bold but low maintenance. They’re also creamy so they don’t dry out lips.


The Eye Shadow:

  • Smokey Stories Eyeshadow Quad in 15 Brilliant Prunette

I have about three or four of the eyeshadow quads from this Smokey Stories range because they’re really lovely. I think you can use them to blend and create different effects, from something soft to something more deep and bold. Though it doesn’t look it above, this quad is based around a darker burgundy shade, which can be made soft or bold, with a rich brown to create a crease. The centre is a glitter or illuminating shade, in this quad it’s kind of a blue/purple. It’s really festive, blends easily and I think would suit many skin tones.

borjois push up mascara

The Mascara:

  • Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara in 71 Wonder Black

I feel like mascaras are not as easily distinguishable from each other, but I have to say, this one does separate lashes and keep them bold and soft. I’ve used Borjois mascaras before and I’m always happy with them.

borjois blush

The Blush:

  • Little Pot Blusher in 34 Rose D’Or

I love these blushers so much. They’re light and buildable and always look natural. This one is a rose pink with a slight gold tone to it. I love it, and I think it’s really flattering to my paler skin.

foundation borjois

The Base:

  • Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation in 50 Rose Ivory
  • Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer in 51 Clair/Light

I haven’t actually tried a foundation or concealer from this brand before, but had heard good things. I usually use Dior Forever foundation, and have just stuck with it because it’s excellent, but I’m really happy with this concealer and foundation. Healthy Mix range helps your skin look refreshed and awake, with vitamins and moisturisers to keep is healthy and happy. The concealer is light, so it never gets that thick, caked on look and blends easily. The foundation lasts, keeps skin happy, and is fairly light, which I love, about medium coverage. It looks natural which I really like, and blends. You can build coverage if you want to as well. I’m really happy with it, and am loving using these right now.

Have you tried this brand? What’s your favourite Borjois product and what would you like to try out? Let me know in the comments below, or find me on Instagram @hermioneflavia or on Twitter @CravenWild

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