How To Quit People Pleasing and Change Your Life with Dr Ilene Cohen PhD

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Do you find yourself taking on other people’s problems or fix them? Do you find that tension and confrontation makes you immediately feel uncomfortable? Do you sometimes have trouble saying no? Then you might be one of the millions of people whose lives are controlled by their people pleasing behaviour.

Dr Ilene Cohen PhD is a psychotherapist and a teacher at Barry University, and author of the book, When It’s Never About you: The People-Pleasers Guide to Reclaiming Your Health, Happiness and Personal Freedom. I caught up with her to talk about people pleasing, why it’s so damaging and what you can do to change your behaviour and your life. You can listen below on SoundCloud.

If you’re a people pleaser or if you liked the interview, I’d love to hear your story below in the comments section.Dr Ilene’s book is a great resource to learn more about people pleasing and is full of stories and exercises to get you moving on the road to recovery and change. I personally liked hearing about Dr Ilene’s own journey, in the book, it reminded me that anyone can have problems and we all can grow.

If you want to get your hands on Dr Ilene’s wonderful book When It’s Never About You, you can get your copy on Amazon UK HERE or on Amazon US HERE. It’s available in paperback, kindle or audiobook. You can also head on over to Dr Ilene Cohen’s site HERE if you’d like to know more about her.

5 thoughts on “How To Quit People Pleasing and Change Your Life with Dr Ilene Cohen PhD

  1. This is a lesson I’m definitely working on learning. I have a heard time saying no, and I’m always quick to help others, though in the end I’m usually the one who loses out because I forget about making time for myself. If we don’t take care of our selves, we’re no good to anyone else really either. I’m working hard to find a healthy balance in my life…especially in not feeling guilty if I’m not always quick to volunteer to help others, or if I say no.

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