Cat Lady Casual: OOTD and customised t-shirt.

Yes, I’m obsessed with my black cat Grimoire. Hence me falling in love with this black cat print t-shirt. But all the smaller sizes were taken. What to do? Go two sizes up, customise it, and team with a classic leather biker jacket, jeans and heels. Purrfect.

If you haven’t played around with chopping up your t-shirts and sweats before, I suggest stealing your boyfriends shirts and trying on them first. Ha ha! Softer t shirts and ones a size or two larger are the best ones to use because of the way they drape and fall, and because sometimes after your done your snips and cuts will make them sort of smaller. For off the shoulder, start by just cutting the collar out of the t-shirt. Here, I also slashed the sleeves and then knotted them, and also cut a 5cm cut vertically into the front at one side, and knotted that. Totally changes the shape and fit, and also makes it more flattering. If you love this kind of thing, you have to take a look at this site HERE which has loads of styles you can try with your t-shirts, from simple to complicated.

Biker jackets are one of those things that never really go out of fashion, but that pull any outfit together and stop it from being too cute. And they’re a pretty good cover up for Spring, too. Want this one? Head to TopShop HERE for this one, faux leather at £49. If you’re looking for inspiration, ASOS has a huge range of different ones, from classic black to embroidered and coloured ones HERE.

Accessories? These art deco blue earrings are a favourite of mine from By Loumi, I’m in love with them. I think big earrings are really fun, especially with a tongue in cheek, casual look. Add a decorated headband and you’re all set. I got this one from Etsy, but you can find some gorgeous ones from New Look on Asos like this one HERE, but you also really need to check out Her Curious Nature if you love hair accessories (and other accessories too!) Take a look HERE.

Finally, a note on makeup. I went with a bronze eyeliner, which you can hear more about in last weeks post. It’s a softer, flattering take on the black eyeliner trend. A little shimmer from Maybellines 24 Karat Nudes Palette is perfect £11.99 HERE. My mascara and foundation are from Borjois, from the Healthy Mix range, which I’m really happy with. And of course, pull it all together with a Chanel Rouge Allure lip gloss (non sticky, lasting colour and so moisturing!) in Seduction. It’s the cat’s miao… ha ha!

What do you think? Any great tips for customising t-shirts or clothes? A great cat related item you love? I always love to hear your thoughts, so catch up with me in the comments section, or find me on Twitter @CravenWild or Instagram @hermioneflavia.

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