Crimson Ash by Haley Sulich GIVEAWAY


Crimson Ash is a gripping new young adult thriller and we have one copy to give away!

In a dark dystopian future, a disease has ravaged the world, killing off a large part of the population. In response, one man has taken over. He uses mind control to create emotionless soldiers who capture the remaining free population and give them a choice: either enter the city where dreams die or be killed.

Solanine lost her entire family eight years ago, and survives with her fiance Quill. When they are attacked, Quill is taken and killed. Solanine has nothing left to live for until Nightshade, a resistance fighter, comes to her for help. She has brought back Solanine’s lost sister, Ember, who might just be Solanine’s redemption. But Ember hardly remembers her because of all that’s happened to her. And Ember has a secret. She’s the one who executed Quill.

Events conspire to push Solanine to help Nightshade fight to overthrow the evil power, but she’ll need Ember’s help. Can the sister’s work together? Can they be a family again?

In this story, the future is dark. Haley Sulich creates an evocative world where violence and fear is an everyday occurrence. I loved the action in this book, which is a really good contrast to the quieter moments, where the characters explore their relationships and figure out who they want to be in this new world they find themselves in. I loved that the book explores grief, sadness and moving on, as well as some really interesting ideas of recovery from things like opressive regimes and emerging from emotional numbness. Sure, it would be easier not to feel, but life is lived in the sad, hard times as well as the good.

There are quite a few deaths and a bit of violence in this book, it’s definitely young adult with the focus on adult. But it’s not relying on the violence or drama to carry the story. It’s about relationships, which are really nicely explored, and it’s also about well defined characters and their response to the darker side of life. I really loved that although this book explores some darker or sadder themes, it’s not a sad book on the whole. It’s a gripping thriller which has some great themes of hope, redemption and recovery.

I was sent this book for honest review by the author, who was also kind enough to give me a copy to giveaway to you! If you want to get your hands this book, you can either enter below. Or head to Amazon UK HERE or Amazon US HERE to purchase.

To Enter the Giveaway CLICK HERE. 

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  • This giveaway is sponsored by the author
  • Total prize is worth £10.50

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