What’s Old Is New Again: Tie Dye Lace and Jeweled OOTD with Gosh, Essence and Fresh Beauty Product Reviews.

A rich, dramatic look this week. A strong lip and eye look, with the help of a dark green eye shadow from Gosh and a bold Rimmel blackberry lipstick, teamed with a tie dyed dress and a soft as a feather cashmere sweater. Jewelled accessories from Her Curious Nature take it to the next level. Perfect for cozy nights in with friends avoiding the snow and watching Tim Burton films.

In London, we’re having a second Winter this March, with more snow and ice than I’ve seen in a long time. When it’s cold out, I find my lips really suffer from drying out and cracking. So one product I trialed this week was a lip treatment from the beauty hero brand Fresh. There are a few products for the lips from Fresh in this range, using natural ingredients to moisturise lips and sugar to seal in moisture for about 6 hours. It’s a treat for your lips, smells delightful and this one in Rose has a red tint which is quite nice. It’s retails at about £19, you can buy it HERE. I put a lip colour over the top, because I wanted a bolder, sort of Gothic fairytale look, try Rimmels Lasting Finish By Kate in 30 £5.50, shop HERE, which is a dark blackcurrant purple-red.

Like a bold eye look? I’d never tried Gosh Cosmetics before, but they have a reasonable price point and are vegan and animal safe, so I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about them. Their colours and products are varied and innovative, and I was happy with the texture of the powder mono eyeshadow, it lasted well and the colour was true. As this mono eyeshadow came in a beauty box, I couldn’t find the exact same product to link it for you, but the shade name is simply Dark Green. I blended it onto the lid, and smoothed a soft caramel brown into the socket, which worked really well.

I also tried out a new luminizer palette from Essence, Light Up Your Face in 10 Ready Set Glow! which you can shop HERE. It currently retails for around £9, though Essence seems to suggest that it should be priced a lot lower. Essence has a cute, cartoony style, with high product turnover, which you don’t have to pay much for to try out something new. This palette has three shades, to create a natural glow. I try to keep it really natural with highlighters and strobing, and this little kit is blendable and easy to use. It has a peachy tone, so it’s more natural then the whiter highlighters, and has three shades to use in different areas of your face to get your makeup just right. I’m pretty happy with it.

A really simple outfit, this is a dress that I’ve had since high school. It’s actually tie dyed, and was made by a friends mother. I love it because it really doesn’t look like your average tie dye, but has a soft swirl of lavender and lilac. The lace trim is really floaty and pretty. Teamed with a really simple, soft cashmere v neck jumper from Uniqlo you’re ready to go. I buy these jumpers every year from Uniqlo because they’re great quality and so soft, but they are thin and warm, so I don’t feel too bulky. Right now they’re on SALE HERE, £14.90 reduced from £25, and they come in a lovely range of shades. And of course, since it’s snowing outside, you’re going to need thick tights! These ones from Primark, and are black with a wine red glitter thread running through them. I think they’re really fun.

And, finally, to pull it all together, the accessories. Of course, the perfect black heel that goes with everything, these are from New Look, and perfectly impractical for the outdoors right now because they’re strappy and it’s snowing, but since when is being practical a virtue, hm? I love the alligator texture and the ankle strap. So cute! I love decadent hair accessories and brooches, those old school paste jewels. This headband is from the wonderful people at Her Curious Nature, which you can find in Asos or TopShop. They’re a smaller UK accessories designer, with a vintage glamour aesthetic, and I really love them. This head band is sold out, but was about £25, and you can find loads of other cool ones by them on ASOS HERE. Their website is currently down, which is a shame, but they’re well worth searching around for.

What do you think? Are you a dark romantic? Have you tried out a green eyeshadow look or tried any of these products? Love or hate the look? Let me know in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @CravenWild or on Instagram @hermioneflavia, where you’ll also see lots of pics of London’s snow and my cat Grimoire.


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