The Amityville Nuisance by Mike MacDee

amityville nuisance

Henry Holiday is a necromancer, whose life is disrupted when his ex-girlfriend, who is also a beautiful snake haired Gorgon, bursts into his life and pays him to attend a family gathering as her plus one, in an effort to find out what’s really going on with her brothers money making scheme at the old haunted Amityville house. As all Hell breaks loose there, with giant interdimensional spiders, murder and mayhem, potential ghostly spirits, and some born again Christians thrown into the mix.

Meanwhile, there are some strange goings on as his business associate and afterlife attorney, Edna, finds her licence revoked right before a big case, in an amusing and colourful subplot involving the gods of Ancient Egypt.

The second book in the Bishop & Holiday series, you don’t have to have read the first story to enjoy this one at all. Mike MacDee’s books are always a fun mix of humour, comic book violence and adventure, and this one is no different. An urban fantasy, it takes the Christian concepts of Heaven and Hell, mixes them with the old pantheons of Gods, Goddesses and heros, and throws in modern life in a delightful and colourful mix. The plot rumbles along nicely, throwing hilarious situations at it’s characters, and has fun with itself, exploring the nature of family and romantic relationships along the way.

I really like Mike MacDee’s fun and playful writing style. His books feel very visual and often visceral too, and always have solid plots and character development. (See Also: Kingdom Of Famine by Mike MacDee review) I loved the playful chaos of this book, and the sense of fun. There were a couple of points where he misused a god or goddess attribution, like saying that Artemis hates children, when she’s the patron goddess of (amongst other things, childbirth and midwives, (which is just a personal pet peeve, as someone who studied the classics) but since it’s all in fun and is used to comic effect, well, I don’t think anyone is going to really have their experience spoiled.

If you love fun, bright stories, with a bit of darkness and chaos thrown in, and you haven’t read a Mike MacDee book before, this is a great place to start. I feel like his stories have a great sense of fun and adventure, and have almost a comic book feel in their pacing and style. This is another great story but a talented author.

Want to get your hands on this book? You can buy it from Amazon UK HERE in kindle or paperback, or HERE on Amazon US. You might also like to check out the authors website HERE.

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