Peaches And Green: OOTD and Purple Eyeliner and GHD Split End Therapy Product Review

OK, so I know there will definitely be more rain and maybe more snow before I can really say that Spring is here, but I really want to start posting about Spring fashion anyway, so here we go. I wanted to try out a few new things, makeup wise too. A product from GHD called Advanced Split Ends Therapy, for use with hair straighters, and also a really cool eyeliner pencil from Maybelline in a colour called Ultra Violet. And also, a liquid highlighter from Me Me Me cosmetics. I teamed it up with a cute Army green shirt and Too Faced Sweet Peach makeup, and created a post! Read on for the full details.

GHD Advanced Split Ends Therapy is designed to protect your hair from the harshness of straighteners and other damaging hair tools. It retails for around £20 for 100mL, and you can shop this product HERE. It’s a light weight product for all hair types, and the idea is that it uses the heat of your styling machines to nourish and protect hair, so that you’ll be healing your hair with your straighteners, rather than hurting it. I use a tiny amount all over, and concentrate more on the roots. I’ve used it around three times now, and honestly, it’s OK. For me, I felt that it stopped damage more than it really improved my hair condition, and I’m really OK with that. Because I dye my hair blonde, which is quite harsh, I regularly use Olaplex (Thank you to my sister-in-law, who is a hair care queen) which definitely keeps it more healthy and soft, and repairs.

This outfit is pretty simple and casual. I like an Army shirt, I think it’s a pretty perennial favorite. This one has black lace epaulettes, and I picked it up from H&M while on a holiday a few years back. I feel like H&M shirts are pretty great. They’re a great fit and tend to last pretty well. The skirt was an absolute steal, thanks to £3 for this jersey stretch skirt. It’s so comfortable. I love it.

For a khaki army green look and stars, I think chunky, bold accessories are a wonderful thing. I love chandelier earrings. I teamed this with tight and stacked heeled boots.

Mayebelline are one of those brands that have been around forever and always have something fun and new to play with, at a price point that’s also pretty fun. I picked up a really cool kohl pencil from their Master Drama range in an awesome shade called Ultra Violet. You can get your hands on one HERE for about £4. This kohl liner is so smooth, it really glides on and even though it’s a pencil, it has a lovely fine point and doesn’t blend too much so it says put. You could create such a bold, graphic look with one of these, it’s pretty amazing. I love this bold, deep electric purple.


To create the rest of this look, I used the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I used their guide and followed the steps for their Smoldering Peach look, which I love. It’s a golden peach eye look with a bit of purple in the crease and it kind of looks a bit 80’s if you do it right, but in a good way. I used a Borjois blush pot in 95 Rose De Jaspe, £6.50 which you can buy HERE. And their Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara, which is really loevly for lashes that look full and almost fake, £8.99 HERE. And I used a peach gloss, L’Oréal Extreme Resist Gloss in 505 Never Let Me Go. It has a cute golden shimmer and lasts. This one is I think old stock, but you can get it for £3 on Amazon HERE.

So, finally, to wrap it all up, I also tried out a liquid highlighter for the first time. Me Me Me Beat The Blues Liquid Illuminator and Highlighter in Oyster Gold, which you can buy HERE for £7.25. I think I prefer powder highlighters, but this one you can dot where you want to highlight or mix with your foundation for an all over glow, which I tried out. I think it works, on the whole. It’s a little messier to add to your foundation, but it does create a pretty glow. Maybe something I’d do for special events and things, rather than add to my everyday routine.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Have a tip you want to share? Let me know in the comments section. You can also shop similar items by clicking the images below which link to similar items on sale now. (Not affiliate links)

black-faux-leather-star-print-a-line-mini-skirtkhaki-rolled-sleeve-cropped-shirtblack chandelier river islandliuiua_black_97_main_sq_gy_1600x1600hmprodTS09T04MBLE_Zoom_M_1dune boots





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